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What is Dolmama

The story of our restaurant begins in 1998. It was then that the founder of Dolmama Jirair Avanian had encroached on sacred ground. He created an Armenian kitchen in Yerevan, the heart of Armenia. Food traditions in this country are as old as the country itself and are passed down from generation to generation. He asked himself, how can we give the classical dishes a modern look and taste but still not disappoint the connoisseurs of traditions? As Einstein once said, only those who attempt the absurd can achieve the impossible - and Jirair has managed to balance the tastes and feelings embodied by centuries of tradition while bringing in a new look and feel for Armenian food. Jirair has invented new ways to serve the traditional Armenian stew khashlama, how to give new meaning to the beloved Armenian dolma, and how to make people really pause in awe after biting into well-known dishes!

25 years have passed since the opening of Dolmama in Yerevan, and a lot of things have changed. Now, we don't search around the country for the wood for our tables. We don’t need to put all of our guests, staff, and kitchen in one room that is smaller than most bedrooms. Dolmama has become one of the best-known restaurants in Armenia. Dozens of presidents, prime ministers, and celebrities have visited us. But, we are still not satisfied. We want more people to get to taste and to start loving Armenian cuisine. So, we are happy to announce that Dolmama is opening its doors for you in Moscow! We hope to see you soon and bon apetit or, as we say in Armenian, bari akhorjhak!

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